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 Mad Science Birthday Party Themes

ENERGIZE IT! (Ages 8-12) Our newest party theme!

Get set for some sparks in this animated romp into energy! Party-goers will participate in energetic activities including lightning-fast siphon chains, crackling static relay races, a hot hands dance and popping hot chemical reactions. The birthday child is the star of the show and snuffs out birthday candles in Mad Science style! All children create Slime to take home. Children will need room to move around! This theme is only recommended for small parties.



Your birthday child and their guests will explore just how cool dry ice really is! The Mad Scientist will lead an investigation of the properties and differences between a solid, liquid and a gas because that is exactly what  dry ice is… frozen carbon dioxide!  They will experience taking a dry ice foamy bubble bath and even a cold steamy dry ice shower…all courtesy of the act of sublimation, of course!  In addition, they will learn about what happens when gas gets trapped and builds up inside of our tummies… we burp! This will be explained by the Mad Scientist through an exciting experiment involving dry ice. Each party guest gets to bring home their very own, very COOL color-changing cool cup so that they can conduct more cool experiments of their own!


Your birthday child and their guests will take a terrific, scientific journey into space using a very special rocket prepared by Mad Science! As the birthday guests “travel through space”, they will experience “shooting stars”, learn about white light, and even check out an aurora borealis rainbow! Once everyone lands on the planet of the birthday child’s choice, the Mad Scientist will set the very chilly planet atmosphere with dry ice, and will explain the science behind it. The Mad Scientist and the birthday child will go on a very special hunt for “aliens” with a UV light. Once all of the “aliens” have been found, the Mad Scientist will help everyone get back to earth just in time to make their very own Alien Slime take-home! 



Your birthday child and their guests will have a shockingly good time with our Mad Scientist at their very own Electrifying Light Birthday Party!  Not only is this party educational, it’s electric! Electrifying Light comes with its own hands-on exploration of visual electricity generated by a tesla coil! The birthday child and their guests will attempt to light various types of light bulbs without even directly touching an electric source! After an investigation of electricity, the Mad Scientist will transition into an investigation of light! The birthday child and their guests will get to experiment with rainbow glasses (available for purchase) in order to see the many colors that make up white light. The presentation part of the party ends with a controlled indoor fireworks display! To close the party, everyone will get to make their very own Mad Science Slime to bring home! 


AIR BLAST (Ages 6 – 12)

Have a blast with air around you! Although it is invisible, we learn that air does take up space.  Find out by trying to help Eggbert fit into his new home. Witness the spiral air stream of a vortex as you blow out the candles – but not with your breath. Have a “booming” good time with our special piezo popper. Look out! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a …. potato????? Think you are strong? Try to compete against air pressure when we use a vacuum to remove the air from our special spheres. We will all have a hard time trying to pull them apart! Be amazed as air pressure causes balls to levitate. Everyone makes a special Mad Science putty take home.


FIZZY PHYSICS  (ages 6-12) – Outdoor party – Memorial Day to Labor Day only

The outdoor party is all about a favorite topic that children LOVE to talk about…GAS! Children will learn the science behind super soakers and maybe get a little wet! Our Mad Science Poppers let each child launch their own water rocket on a small scale. Ever wonder how "Pop Rocks" work? We’ve got the gassy secret! The Mad Scientist will also demonstrate a large water rocket launch with the help of the birthday child. We will create a soda geyser & more.  Each child will take home special Mad Science silly putty. Of course everything is safe and fun for children. This party is a great hit in the summer.

(Please note: This party is done OUTDOORS only – children will get slightly wet, so dress accordingly).


HALLOWEEN SPOOK-TACULAR!   (ages 5 -12) Available October 1 - November 7

In our spook-tacular show, the scientist creates a Mad Science Brew filled with foggy effects and flashes of light. We use storytelling to teach your little ghouls the story of how Halloween came to be while watching colorful fireworks right in the room! High flying floating eyeballs will amaze everyone!  Unleash the power of science as we melt a witch’s head and experience a Spooky fog effect and then we will astound all as we create a new fuel for the contemporary witch's broom ! Everyone makes Ghost's slime to take home! 


Winter Wonder-Lab Party (Ages 5 - 12) available all year 

You never know what is hiding around the snow banks when you celebrate with a Mad Scientist! We will lend a hand to Mother Nature and watch all the flakes of the beautiful winter weather fly around the room by creating an indoor snowfall much like our favorite frozen kingdom! Then look out for a quick change in the weather as we defrost a snow castle. The birthday child amazes all by using special powers to make snow - instantly! Things then take a chilly turn as we use dry ice to make even a coin shiver. Lots of laughter occurs when we drop bubbles the size of snow globes on all of the party guests. Everyone makes sparkling slime to take home.


Party Packages


# of Children


Up to 10


11 – 15


16 – 20


21 – 25


26 – 30


30 - 40


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*$20 extended area charge will apply to select locations.


 Mad Science Birthday Party Add-ons


Choose one or more SPECTACULAR party add-ons to keep the fun going!!  



Dry Ice / Bubbling Potions*



Rocket Launch*  (launch is held outdoors)


 UV Key Chains* (Make your own key chain with beads that change color in the sunlight!) (Price for up to 25 children)  $50

Cotton Candy* (Your Mad Scientist will spin cotton candy for the children for approximately 15 min at the end of the party!) (Price for up to 20 children)


Super Bouncy Balls* (How do you change a powder polymer into something fun? Fill these amazing chambers with our secret sand and dunk them in water, then spin them dry and crack them open to reveal an incredible high bounce ball that you created!)(Price for up to 25 children)


Lab Coats 

 $8 each
Rainbow Glasses

$1 each

Kool Kups

$2 each

Goody bags

$6 each


$.75 each

Thank you notes 

$.75 each

*Each activity adds approximately 15min to your party.


          Kool Kup                        Rainbow Glasses               Lab Coats



 Mad Science Goody Bags may include*:


*Additional items may also be available.  Content may vary according to product availability.


Mad Science Invitations


Mad Science Thank You Notes


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