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Our in-class workshops are ideal for children from Kindergarten through to grade 6 (ages 6-12). Classes last one hour and include a project each child gets to take with them. Each workshop is accompanied by a Teacher Resource Package to help educators maximize the learning experience before and after each Mad Science workshop.

 Mad Science can offer hands-on workshops in your classroom on dozens of topics.  Ask us for a list of topics to help meet individual state curriculum objectives, or for suggestions to best fit your student's needs and abilities.


Here are just a few of our fun and interactive workshops that focus on science and engineering practice:

Fundamental Forces

Teaches: Force, Motion, Energy
Introduces students to the basic concepts of forces. Allows children to encounter their own force of gravity And to see what happens to objects when different forces are applied; this helps to illustrate things like gravity, racetrack, centrifugal, and centripetal force. Children also get a chance to experiment with gyroscopes and loops.

Current Events

Teaches: Force, Motion, Energy
Students problem-solve to create simple circuits that will light a bulb. Hands-on activities also allow them to explore more complex series of circuits. They experience a nerve-tester, Mad Science electricity labs, and our amazing Tooth Tunes device. They also observe how electricity flows through wires and water.


Teaches: Living Systems
Students learn about the interconnections that exist between all living things in an ecosystem, including humans. The nature cycles, food chains and energy webs (producers, consumers and decomposers) within different environments are explored before we make mini-ecosystems that students can observe in class for a month.

All About Animals

Teaches: Living Systems
How do animals feed themselves and their young? Which animals hibernate and which ones migrate, and why? How do animals use camouflage and behavior to protect themselves from predators? Students gain a better understanding of the adaptations and characteristics of animals which live in different habitats and environments and then make an animal print to take home.

Space Travels

Teaches: Rocket Building and Launch (1 1/2 hour class, extra cost)
This is your chance to be a rocket scientist! Explore the science involved in rocket construction as you build your own rocket. After construction, race a balloon rocket and design your own car engine as you learn about thrust. See the principles of propulsion at work in a real rocket launch.

Limited Time Only

Workshops available September 1-December 23
Chem in a Flash: Take a trip through Chemical Reactions and learn how to control them.
Dry Ice Capades: Probe the shifting states of matter; observe melted and re-solidified metal, use Dry Ice to explore properties of matter.
Junior Reactors: Demonstration of physical and chemical reactions followed by hands-on experiments about atoms, molecular, and how they join and react.
pH Phactor: Students explore the crazy chemistry of acids and bases and pH Phactors hydrogen and hydroxide. Apply and learn the pH test.
Slime Time: Students will elarn about slime and its basic ingredients in a series of hands-on activities.
Harnessing Heat: The class will earn and observe the basic properties of heat by play-acting the role of atoms, then heat things up in a sand-shaking session.
Optical Illusions: Students explore the physics of optical illusions, and how our eyes can trick our brains.
Watts-up: Basic properties of static electricty are demonstrated in a series of experiments which lay the foundation for both an explanation and demonstration of lightning formation.
Planets & Moons: Explore the farthest reaches of the solar system and create a lunar eclipse in this "mad" planetary tour! Learn how the planets stack up.
Sun & Stars: This stellar program is your ticket to the stars! Watch star dust burn, and journey through a soapy galaxy as you investigate the life cycle of stars.
Che-mystery:Eliminate the mystery in chemistry! Explore one of the most exciting fundamental sciences as you explore chemical reactions, grow a crazy crystal garden and discover the chemical attractiveness of water!
Current Events:It’s electric! Find out how electricity in our homes works by building a circuit and testing conductivity. See why fuses are fun by blowing one up!
Fantastic Flyers:Stunt Planes will fly students through the basics of flight and aerodynamics. Students will learn about the four forces of flight, airfoils and rotors, then build and test their own Flyers!
Fun-damental Forces:Experiment with gravity, gyroscopic motion and centripetal forces. Experience the weirdness of precession and angular momentum!
Super Structures:Can we build it? Using triangles, cylinders and arches we can! Explore combinations of these shapes stand up against the forces of compression and tension!
Under Presssure:Find out why “thin air” is actually one tough cookie! Use air pressure to create powerful vortexes, lift a chair off the ground, and levitate balls in defiance of gravity!
Wacky Waves:Students will explore density, water pollution and the dynamics of waves, ocean currents and Lava Lamps!

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