Single-Day Camps


Birds and Beasts

Where do owls live and what do they eat? How do some bugs walk on water? These questions and more will be answered with a walk on the wild side of things to explore owls, birds and all kinds of bugs. Build your own birdhouse and participate in a territory and a food chain game following the rigid rules of nature. Finally, study insect life cycles and behavior by building your own tiny bug house.


Crazy Chemistry

In this workshop we investigate chemical reactions happening all around us every day, in the kitchen, the laundry, the garden even the walls! Young scientists will build crystals, make sidewalk chalk, bath fizzers and a chromatography T-shirt, investigate water absorbing chemicals, and use chemical reactions to make their own ice cream.


Earth Awareness

Discover how science will help us protect our planet. Children will understand the basics of water pollution, acid rain and the benefits of solar energy.


Junior Engineers

Young engineers will have lots to talk about after a full day of building and testing structures out of lots of different materials! They check out pyramids, arches, inflatable beams, and build bridges and sky scrapers. In between, children will have fun playing games and puzzles with shapes and structures.


Machine Mania

Find out how wedges, screws and levers help us in our daily lives. Run through an obstacle course and use teamwork to show how useful simple machines can be. Students will be introduced to the concepts of simple machines and observe the awesome power of pneumatics and hydraulics. They will see how combining simple machines can create very complex machines.



Discover the world outdoors by using microscopes to investigate plants, animals and insects. Create cool tie-dye designs using nature’s beautiful colors, and play the role and develop the skills of a naturalist tracking animals in the wild.


Lights and Sights

Students discover the secrets of light! Break light into its parts, and put them back together, learn about waves and colors, explore reflection, refraction and diffraction, and make your own multi-colored Sun Catchers using only three primary colors, make messages appear and disappear using colors and patterns that deceive the eye.


Ooey Gooey Insides

Investigate the insides of Tall Paul. Make boogers that you can hold. Learn about the digestive process and take home edible excrement.


At the Scene of the Crime

Become a forensic scientist and learn the science behind solving a crime! Campers will solve their own CSI mystery and eat homemade ice cream.


Fizzy, Gassy Reactions

What do stomach acids do? Find out with our popper stoppers and liquid ooze. Discover how a clock can run on soda or water without batteries.


Slimy Chemistry

Make a lemon battery, electroplate a penny and conduct electrochemistry with goldenrod paper. Clean up your own germs with soap and “exploding toothpaste” and then get dirty again with slime.


Slippery Secrets of Cells

Learn about what makes up a cell and your heredity like taste. Discover what burps are made of with dry ice. Take home your own edible DNA and kids lab coat.


Edison's Workbench

Team up with your fellow camp inventors to explore the inventions of others--kids, women, Rube Goldberg, Thomas Edison and more! Draw inspiration from the wacky and practical. The goal of this full one-day camp is to understand that we have no limitations. Our dreams will inspire invention!


Radical Robots

Join Mad Science and our Radical Robots for a scientific journey through circuitry and sensors. Explore several different types of robots including those that follow lines and sound. Complete this full one-day camp by building your own robot to take home!


Countdown to Launch

Investigate Newton's Laws of Motion first hand. Learn about propulsion with air-propelled miniature rockets and then design your own! Experience your first real rocket launch in Mad Science when you fire off a rocket like the one you built.


Principles of Flight

Children will explore the fundamentals of aerodynamics in this hands-on program about how things fly. From the basic principles of flight to building airplanes and testing them in wind tunnels to hovercraft and balloon copter building, children will understand what makes things fly and how different types of aircraft fly. Campers will take home paper airplane designs, balloon copters and more!

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